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Fans of Howl's Moving Castle
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This is a community for fans of Howl's Moving Castle, one of Studio Ghibli's latest animated features, as well as the original novel by Diana Wynne Jones. I wanted to create a resource for folks to find information, images, and help for the various aspects of the fandom.

Don't know the original story? Here's the official synopsis from the latest issue of the novel:

Sophie lived in the town of Market Chipping, which was in Ingary, a land in which anything could happen, and often did - especially when the Witch of the Waste got her dander up. Which was often.

As her younger sisters set out to seek their fortunes, Sophie stayed in her father's hat shop. Which proved most unadventurous, until the Witch of the Waste came in to buy a bonnet, but was not pleased. Which is why she turned Sophie into an old lady. Which was spiteful witchery.

Now Sophie must seek her own fortune. Which means striking a bargain with the lecherous Wizard Howl. Which means entering his ever-moving castle, taming a blue fire-demon, and meeting the Witch of the Waste head-on. Which was more than Sophie bargained for...

For more info, and if you'd like to be a mod, please Email me.

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- No introductory posts, please. Posts containing nothing but "OMG I love Howl ::squee!::" will be deleted. Please post something substantial to the fandom... we know you love Howl, that's why you're here!

- Only posts relevant to Howl's Moving Castle, either the movie or the novel, are allowed. We welcome discussion containing other Ghibli films, but unless you relate them to HMC, please see ghibli for the studio's other films. Non-relevant posts will be deleted.

- Do not p0St l1ke ThIS.. OR LIKE THIS!!!. It's annoying, an eyesore, and an abomination to your English teachers.

- Once the community is up and running a while, FAQ will be saved to the Memories for the community. For now, this particular rule will be looked over, but once a few posts about the same subject is made (I.E. Where can I find screencaps?), please see the Memories instead of making another post.

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